About Us

Who We Are

Aida's Building Construction is a locally owned and operated residential and light commercial construction business in Central Florida. We specialize in turning the vision of your dream home into a reality. We want to know your personal preferences regarding design and function. Most importantly, we strive to set in motion your ideas in a cost-efficient, timely, and organized manner. We know that this is an exciting time in your life, and it is our pleasure to be a part of it. We sincerely hope to turn your ideas into realities. 

Meet the Owner

The President of Aida's Building Construction is Rick Rangel, a state licensed building contractor, who builds custom homes, offices, and build-outs. With more than 23 years of professional experience at Orlando's Walt Disney World Resorts, including project management, and now with over 19 years of experience as a residential and commercial contractor, Rick can provide you with energy efficient, highly functioning and durable buildings, as well as with state of the art interior and exterior design. He is respected for his personal integrity and the pride he takes in satisfying his customers with their own custom signature homes and offices. Rick loves and is passionate about what he does and successfully leads our teams in building Central Florida's custom homes.    

Working Together

We want to help you build your vision. We understand that a home is a reflection of your family, your successes, and your dreams. It is where life takes place and the magic happens. 

We focus on providing our clients with quality homes that can be celebrated and showcased. Flexibility in our design allows us to quickly and efficiently meet your needs and expectations.

Show us your goals and we will work with you to provide a home within schedule and budget. 

We can build on your current lot and use your own drawings and build based on your specifications or we can use our own and work together to find the perfect location and design. 

Aida's Building has a one-year full warranty and extended warranties by various manufacturers. If you cannot finance, we can help you find financing for your home.